AIDS & Drugs Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP)

Creation of awareness among the Youth & High Risk Group for drugs abuse and prevention of HIV/AIDS is one of the main objectives of Pakistan Youth Organization. PYO has developed a well-planned program for the youth & high-risk group.


     Creation of awareness about the harms of drugs
     Awareness creation campaign for HIV/AIDS, its modes of transmission and prevention
        from various routes
     Providing opportunities to the youth for positive and healthy activities
     Highlighting the relation of HIV/AIDS with the use of common needles/contaminated
        syringes as its modes of transmission
     Providing Counseling facilities for addiction and different behavior related issues
     Developing Peer Education Program for most vulnerable population and youth groups with
        risky behaviors
     Promoting IEC and BCC activities with youth & peer groups
     Treatment and Rehabilitation of Drug Users as well as Care & Support of HIV positive


Pakistan Youth Organization conducts the following activities on regular basis under its AIDS and Drugs Abuse Prevention Program:

     Awareness Sessions about Modes of Transmission of HIV/AIDS and Drug related harms
     Seminars on HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse Prevention
     Walks against Drug abuses and HIV/AIDS
     Sports Tournaments (Cricket, Foot Ball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Kabbadi etc.)
     Quiz Competitions (Debates, National Songs, Bait Bazi, Questions about historical
        moments etc.)

Snaps of Seminar and Cricket Tournament under AIDS & Drugs Abuse Prevention Program