Pakistan Youth Organization had run a project of "Voluntray Counseling & Testing Centre" with the name of Behtar Kal Centre from March-06 to June-08 with the support of Marie Stopes Society, Ministry of Health and Global Fund for AIDS, T.B and Malaria (GFATM). After the funding ended from the donors, Pakistan Youth Organization running this project on Self help basis with the support of Punjab AIDS Control Program (PACP).

Behtar Kal Centre is located in DHQ Hospital, Gujranwala and providing the services of Counseling for Behavior related health issues and Testing of HIV/AIDS and STI’s. It also creates awareness about HIV/AIDS, its modes of transmission and preventions from this disease through its centre based counseling services and also through the outreach services of counseling and awareness creation activities along with distribution of IEC Materials. All the services are free of cost for everyone.


To prevent for becoming of HIV/AIDS as an epidemic disease in Pakistan by addressing the bridging and general population in the country.


•      Provision of quality counseling services for behavior related health issues including sexual         behaviors & testing of HIV free of cost
•      Centre based and outreach BCC & IEC activities
•      Development of referral mechanism for the clients to the centre and from the centre for         counseling, testing, treatment and follow-up to the centre and other services present in the         country
•      Special emphasis to population with risky behaviors i.e. men on move, industrial labor,         migrant workers, youth, STI’s patients and people living with HIV/AIDS
•      Testing of HIV/AIDS and some STI’s and their treatment through STI’s medications and         ARV Therapy
•      Advocacy and Awareness at all levels i.e. Government & non-Government departments,         political leaders, religious leaders, media, teachers, medical and non-medical services,         Hakims, homeopaths, quakes and local leaders


•      Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)
•      Men on Move
•      Industrial Labor
•      Migrant Workers
•      Youth (In school and out of School)
•      STI’s Patients
•      People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)
•      General Population
•      Bridging Population


All the Behtar Kal team works very hard to achieve the given targets. Many important activities are arranged which proved very effective and fruitful to promote the Behtar Kal Program in the city and increase not only the awareness about prevention & control of HIV among general population but also improve the client flow for taking services from the centre. Following are the major events:

•      Awareness Sessions with Female Nursing Students
•      Awareness Sessions with Truckers (Men on Move) at Truck Stands
•      Awareness Sessions with Injecting Drug Users (IDUs)
•      Awareness Sessions with the Families of IDUs
•      Awareness Sessions with Industrial Labor
•      Stake Holders Meetings
•      Co-ordination Meetings with different NGOs
•      Advocacy Seminars with Political Leaders
•      Advocacy Seminars with Religious Leaders
•      Advocacy Seminars with Doctors
•      Meetings with Support Group
•      Lectures on HIV/AIDS, its Modes of Transmission & Preventive Measures with College         Students and Teachers

Snaps of Advocacy Seminar and Stake Holder's Meeting under VCT Centre