(For “Prevention of transmission of HIV among drug users in SAARC countries”)

PYO had started Drop-In Centre, in June-2005 with the support of EC/ PNAC/ PAC/ IWP. Now MAH running Drop-In Centre with the support of United Nations Office On Drugs & Crime (UNODC), Ministry of Narcotics Control (MNC) & Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) since March-08, for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS among Drug Users (DUs) and Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) through different means. This project is working very effectively and in a proper manner for prevention of transmission of HIV as well as care and support to the DUs/IDUs. Ultimate goal of reduction of HIV transmission, prevent generalized epidemic among DUs/IDUs and to enhance the quality of life of DUs/IDUs. Following are the objectives of this project:


•      Creating Awareness about HIV/AIDS
•      Motivation to the Drug Users/ Injecting Drug Users for their Treatment
•      Promotion of Information, Education & Communication (IEC) Material
•      Risk Reduction Counseling
•      Provision of Prevention Material about HIV/AIDS
•      Provision of Primary Health Care Services & STIs Treatment
•      Provision of Detoxification Services
•      Provision of Referral Services
•      Social and Moral Support
•      Follow-up
•      Family Counseling
•      Re-integration


All services are free of cost. The detail are as under:

Primary Health Care & STI’s Treatment

We are providing primary health care services to Injecting drug users and/or referrals to appropriate services that suit the needs of drug users and improve the general health of drug-using communities. Doctor is providing primary health care through which includes attending the injecting related wounds and abscesses, minor opportunistic infections, diarrhea and other related conditions. STI’s treatment is also available to the target community at the Centre.

Outreach Services

Outreach services are providing by field staff to drug users and injecting drug users with the information and counseling to reduce their risk behavior, which included the information about reducing the risks associated with drugs, safer injecting practices and preventing to get overdoses. Outreach workers also provide the referral services to a range of health and social services. The outreach workers helped out DUs/IDUs and encouraged them to come regularly at the DIC.

Risk Reduction Counseling

To implement the program, project staff motivates the drug users regarding safer practices. Sensitization sessions are conducting with Injecting Drug Users (IDU’s) for enhancement of awareness about STI’s and HIV/AIDS. These sessions took place at DIC as well as in the field for prevention of transmission of HIV and improvement of quality of life of Injecting Drug Users (IDUs). Risk reduction counseling conducted by Psychologist and Outreach Workers.

Provision of Prevention Material

We are providing prevention material to DUs/IDUs to reduce the HIV/AIDS and STI’s infections. This aims to reduce the likelihood of spreading HIV/AIDS and other blood borne diseases among the DUs/IDUs community.

Provision of Detoxification Services

To provide ultimate solution to the HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment is a very powerful tool.

Social Services

Social Services i.e. space for relaxation, washing, bathing, shaving, Cutting, Cloth, Shoes and Cold water providing to the clients, which is an important component of the program.

Clients taking Primary Health Care and Social Services from Drop In Centre

Referral services

DIC has referral linkages with other organization/facilities like VCT Centre, Rehabilitation Centre other Doctors etc. We also have advantage to our organization that Drop in Centre, Voluntary Counseling & Testing Centre and Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre are running under the umbrella of PYO which is a unique triangle of projects and very helpful for the success of the project.