Details of Activities in Connection with "World AIDS Day"


On 1st December-09, a seminar was organized by Mian Afzal trust Hospital in collaboration with Drop-in Centre, Gujranwala on the eve of “World AIDS Day” with the support of UNODC/MNC/ANF. Prof. Salman Bashir Naagi, Principal Government College, Kamoke was the Chief Guest for the seminar and Dr. Adnan Tarar was the Guest of honour. A good number of people from all walks of life had participated in the seminar.

Seminar was started with the recitation from Holy Quran and Naat by Mr. Ghulam Mujtaba Shah and Mr. Imran respectively. Mr. Shahid Mahmood (Psychologist/In-charge Drop-In Centre) started the Seminar as stage secretary and did introduce the honourable guests and said them welcome in the seminar.

Mr. Farhan Arshad experienced VCT Counselor was called to explain about HIV/AIDS. He briefly explained the difference between HIV and AIDS, how HIV infects the human immune system, what are the Modes of transmission for HIV, its symptoms and also its prevention measures. He also told about different HIV testing centres in Gujranwala and the figures of HIV positive patients in different countries.

Ms. Mehnaz Malik (Psychologist MAH) briefed about the overall services, which are providing to the patients during the treatment in Rehabilitation Centre at MAH and also which are providing to the DIC clients at the centre. She also said that all the participants should share all this information about HIV and our services with others to prevent our nation by this deadly disease.

Dr. Adnan Tarar (Doctor) said that when we goes opposite to the rules of nature then we got different types of disease like HIV/AIDS. He said that our personal ignorance is the major cause to get infected by different diseases. He also assumed some research experiments by different doctors of some institutes in this regard.

Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore (Executive Director, MAH) said that as compare to other cities, HIV prevalence is low in Gujranwala due to the working of Drop-In Centre but there is much more need to work for HIV and drug prevention. He told that this seminar is conducted in the dispute of World AIDS Day to get united for the prevention of HIV/AIDS in the whole world. He informed the participants that in Pakistan about 120000 people are infected with HIV/AIDS from which only 5500 people are registered patients of HIV in the record of Government. He said there is still lack of awareness about HIV/AIDS and people often think that it is only spread with sexual relations but there are also some other modes of transmission of HIV with which the common people not known so far. He focused on the need of create awareness especially in rural areas of the country in this regard. He also mentioned some High risk groups for HIV/AIDS i.e. Sex workers, IDUs and Transgender in his speech.

Mr. Rana Maqsood Ahmad (Director Projects, MAH) said that behaviour is very important for HIV, drugs and diseases prevention. We need to educate our children that how they can prevent themselves from the communicable diseases.

Prof. Salman Bashir Naagi (Principal Government College, Kamoke) Chief Guest expressed his views about HIV/AIDS and said that it is very important to give the awareness at Collages & Schools level because students are the future of our country. He also told that, for this great task of working on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, his moral support is always with the management of Mian Afzal trust Hospital and Drop-In Centre, Gujranwala. He also said that we should follow and share the suggestions with others which are provided by the welfare organizations to prevent ourselves and others from different diseases.

In the end, Question answer session was held. People asked some questions regarding HIV/AIDS to remove their misconceptions/ doubts about it and they were given their satisfactory answers. All the participants appreciated for arranging this Seminar on HIV/AIDS.


Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala and Drop-In Centre, Gujranwala has conducted a Speech Contest among college students on 12th December-09 in connection with World AIDS Day with the support of UNODC, MNC & ANF. The topic of this contest was “Human Rights and Community Commitment in connection with HIV/AIDS”.

Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad Khokhar, DMS Divisional Headquarter Hospital Gujranwala was the Chief Guest of the event. Mr. Muhammad Shafiq Awan, District Officer Social Welfare Gujranwala, Dr. Zaheer-ul-Haq Yazdani, Director Program, District Officer Health Gujranwala, and Mr. Muhammad Younas Dogar, Senior Manager PTCL were the Guests of Honour of the event.Sufi Muhammad Javed (Director Coordination MAH) delivered the welcome address to the honourable guests and participants of the program.

17 students had participated in this competition from different colleges of Gujranwala. The program started with the recitation of Holy Quran and Naat by Mr. Muhammad Imran.

Mr. Shahid Mahmood (Incharge DIC) introduced all the services of Drop-In Centre. He also briefed about the Human Rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. He highlighted that how Human Rights violations impact HIV and AIDS prevention Care and Support. He explored human rights relevant to HIV & AIDS as well as the rights to non-discrimination, equality, to highest attainable standard of health, to liberty and security of the person, to privacy, to seek, receive and impart information, to marry and found a family etc. In the end he defined the Right Based Approach to solve the problem of violation of Human Rights of PLWHAs.

Panel of Judges were consisting of Ms. Huma Saleem (Principal GVTI), Ms. Sikandar and Ms. Afshan Ikram. Rules and Regulations were announced by Judges Panel. Finally the competition started and all the contestants delivered their speeches one by one upon the call. Each participant was provided the scoring points on the basis of the selection of their words, their body language, their expressions and the relevancy of the topic.

One contestant during her speech while Sufi Muhammad Javed (Director Coordination, MAH) awarding the certificate to contestant

Finally, a female student Amina Javed from Govt. Degree College for women Gujranwala has won the 1st prize. The second prize winner was Mr. Abid Mahmood from Govt. College for Boys Satellite Town Gujranwala and Mr. Awais Qarni got the third position in this speech competition.

After wards, Mr. Muhammad Shafiq Awan (District Officer Social Welfare) highlighted that there is so much need to improve the services of health department in connection with HIV/AIDS patients as well as we have to enhance Free testing facilities of HIV along with easy access.

Participants of the Speech contest listening the contestants very carefully

Mr. Muhammad Younas Dogar (Senior Manager PTCL) also said the Government should have to take more steps in this regard so that we can save our next generation. Dr. Zaheer-ul-Haq Yazdani (Director Program District Officer Health Gujranwala) highlighted how people violate the rights of PLWHAs.

Dr. Sarfraz Ahmad Khokhar (Deputy Medical Superintendent, Divisional Headquarter Hospital, Gujranwala) highlighted the Stigma and Discrimination about PLWHAs in the society. He mentioned that AIDS did not spread if we sit, eat, wear, to shake hand with the People Living with HIV/AIDS.

Rana Maqsood Ahmad (Director Projects MAH) thanks to all honorable guests and participants. In the end the refreshment was given to participants by DIC Gujranwala.

A view of stage and Dr. Sarfraz Awarding 1st prize to the winner along with Haji Arshad Javed Mughal (Director Finance, MAH)

Details of Activities in Connection with "International Day Against Drug Abuse" and Illicit Traficking


An Anti Drug Abuse Poster Competition was announced by Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala in the month of May-09 with the support of "United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime" (UNODC) and "Anti Narcotics Force" (ANF). There were 33 Posters received from the students of different Colleges/ Universities. This sort of poster competition was held first time in the history of Gujranwala and all its credit goes to the management and staff members of Mian Afzal trust Hospital (M.A.H) and Drop-In Centre (D.I.C), Gujranwala.

A panel of judges was formed consisting of Ms. Huma Saleem Principal Govt. Vocational Centre, Gujranwala, Mr. Zafar Mehmood, Head of Department Fine Arts GIFT University and Ms. Somia Head of Department Fine Arts Govt. College for Girls Model Town Gujranwala, Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore, and Mr. Shahid Mehmood for the scoring of every painting individually with same criteria. After having all the individual scoring, we got a cumulative total against every poster which helped us to select the first three positions from all the Poster by a fair selection process.

A wonderful exhibition of “Anti Drug abuse Posters” was organized from 23rd June-09 to 26th June-09 at Mian Afzal Trust Hospital (M.A.H). Exhibition was inaugurated by “Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi” Force Commander, Anti Narcotics Force Punjab on 23rd June-09.

After the inauguration of the exhibition “Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi” had a deep look on all the posters and really appreciated the creativity/ ideas of the students which they presented in their Posters. He said that this sort of activities could enhance the awareness/ knowledge regarding drug abuses in Students/ youngsters and also very helpful to save our new generation from this harmful/ bad habit of drug abuse. He also appreciated the efforts of the management of M.A.H and D.I.C for this beautiful event and encouraged them to organize more events in this context and involve the community to achieve their mission of “Drug free Pakistan”.

Many students, their families, friends, teachers’ community and other people from all walk of life were came to see the exhibition and share their views/ comments with the reference of 26 June, “International Day against Drug abuse”. Later on a prize distribution ceremony was organized by Mian Afzal trust Hospital and Drop-In Centre.

Participants of the Exhibition looking at the Anti Drug abuse Posters

“Mr. Zafar”, Head of Fine Arts Department, Gift University said in his speech that this type of competitions are most beneficial/ valuable because involvement of the students in such events is surely provide them a thought to differ in right and wrong things, they think on the social problems and also enhance their mental/ creative level. He also said that “I really enjoy the poster competition organized by Mian Afzal trust Hospital and Drop-In Centre, Gujranwala and would like to highly appreciate their working efforts regarding awareness about Drug abuse for the betterment of the whole society”. Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi awarded the Cash prizes Rs. 7000/- to first position holder Miss Sadaf, Government College Model Town, Gujranwala, Rs. 4000/-, to second position holder Miss Sitara Rani, Govt. Vocational Training Centre and Rs. 3000/- to third position holder Miss Asma Shahid, Punjab University respectively among first three winners of the competition and a special prize of Rs. 1000 and a Shield was also given to Miss Sadaf Jamshed, student of “University of Gujrat”. Certificates of participation were given to the all participants of the competition.

Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore said that poster competition and other healthy and sports activities play a very vital role for drug abuse prevention. That’s why we organize these type of activities for drug prevention.

National and local Daily newspapers were given good coverage to the event. Express TV also telecasted exhibition report on 24th June-09.


On 23rd June-09, an Advocacy seminar/seminar on “Drug abuse Prevention” was held in Mian Afzal trust Hospital (M.A.H) to commemorate 26th June “International Day against Drug abuse”. The Chief Guests of the seminar were “Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi”, Force Commander Anti Narcotics Force Punjab and “Mr. Afzal Mehmood Butt”, Senior Superintendent of Police Headquarters Gujranwala and “Mr. Javed Iqbal” Deputy Director, Anti Narcotics Force was the guest of honour.

This seminar was organized in collaboration with Mian Afzal Trust Hospital, Gujranwala and Drop-In Centre, Gujranwala with the support of UNODC/ANF. About 300 male and female participants had participated in this event including Government departments, Political Leaders, NGOs working on Addiction, students and general population. Female participation in this seminar was about 50%.

Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi threw the light on the efforts of Anti Narcotics Force regarding drugs prevention in his speech. He also highlighted and appreciated the practical working efforts of Pakistan Youth Organization and Mian Afzal trust Hospital in respect of awareness creation in general community and its outstanding working in the field of Drug treatment and rehabilitation of drug Users.

Mr. Afzal Mehmood Butt SSP Headquarters, Gujranwala said that the fight against drugs to be successful, if all of us work against drug addiction and create awareness and a clear concept about drugs. The coordinated efforts of Police department, Schools/ Colleges, Health departments and general are needed for eradication of drug addiction from society.

Afzal Mehmood Butt (SSP Headquarters Grw.), Sanaullah Rathore, Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi and Rana Maqsood Ahmad sitting on the stage and Participants of the Seminar

Mr. Sana Ullah Rathore (Executive Director, M.A.H) said that the awareness activities are very effective for prevention of drug abuse among the youth and general public. He also highlighted the achievements of Organization.

Rana Maqsood Ahmad (Director Projects, M.A.H), Arshad Javed Mughal (Director Finance, M.A.H) and Sufi Muhammad Javed (Director Coordination, M.A.H) also express their views and information about drug abuses to the participants of the seminar and requested them to play their roles individually for the prevention of drug abuses.

The proceedings of this seminar was published in national daily newspapers and also telecasted on Express T.V channel.

Talk Show on FM Radio Awaz 106

Drop-In Centre Gujranwala arranged a talk show in FM Radio Awaz 106 Gujranwala, on the eve of 26th June 2009, “The International Day against Drug Abuse”. The time duration of that show was one hour i.e. 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

There were four experts who had participated in this talk show as well as Sanaullah Rathore (Chairman M.A.H), Rana Maqsood Ahmad (Director Projects), Dr. Muhammad Naeem Akhtar (Psychiatrist M.A.H) and Mr. Shahid Mahmood (Psychologist /In-charge Drop-In Centre).

First of all Mr. Sanaullah Rathore (Chairman M.A.H), expressed about facts and figures about IDUs, DUs and Registered HIV/AIDS infected person in reference with ANF and UNODC surveys. He also highlighted the Rehabilitation issue. He explored the responsibilities of Provincial and Federal governments and explains the law of addiction. He also insisted that we have to involve the youth in different kinds of sports.

Secondly, Rana Maqsood Ahmad (Directors Projects) briefed about the origin of Pakistan Youth Organization and Mian Afzal Trust Hospital. He explained the efforts of the founders of the organization and also about the achievements of PYO.

In the mid of the program, a recorded interview of Brig. Sajjad Ahmad Bukhshi (Force Commander ANF) was also broadcasted on air. He expressed the worst situation of Pakistan in connection with drug abuse.

Afterwards, Dr. Muhammad Naeem Akhtar (Psychiatrist M.A.H), Expressed the neurological condition of addict person. He also explained the condition of body after taking the drugs. He also explained the Detoxification process.

Moreover, Mr. Shahid Mahmood (Psychologist /In-charge Drop in Centre) explained the services of Drop-In Centre in four steps as well as Field services, at Center services, Social services and referral services. He expressed the causes of addiction as well as social, spiritual and individual. He also explained that how an addict person can survive without medicine.

In the end a number of messages for the day on the eve of “International Day against Drug Abuse” were delivered by all participants.