PYO established 32 peer groups in this program in 2007-08 with the support of ANF, MSS and local community. In this program we arrange Peer Education training as well as preventive activities for different communities. This program is running on self help basis and with the assistance of Anti Narcotics Force (ANF).


     Establishment of peer groups
     Awareness creation about harms of HIV/AIDS & Drug abuse
     Conduction of Seminars on AIDS and Drugs Prevention
     Conduction of Sports Competitions/ Tournaments
     Conduction of Debate, Quiz and Bait Bazi contests


     Peer Training Workshops with Nursing Staff.
     Peer Training Workshops with Industrial Labor.
     Peer Training Workshops with Male and Female Students.
     Meetings with different peer groups for discussion about their working progress.
     Seminars conducted with different target groups with the help of Peer Educators.
     Sports Tournaments conducted with different target groups with the help of Peer Educators.
     Conduction of Debates, Quiz and Bait Bazi contests for different target groups with the help         of Peer Educators.

Thousands of the people got benifit Directly and Indirectly by this Peer Education Program.


Pakistan Youth Organization (PYO) also conducts the Training Workshops for Different NGO's staff, Drug Treatment Practitioners and Psychology students through lectures, presentations and practical sessions to give them opportunity to learn methods of treatment used worldwide.

Snaps of Peer Training Workshop and HIV Pre-Test & Post-Test Couseling Training sessions